Friday, August 24, 2007 03:56 a.m.

As sparkl3.pitas.com approaches its 6th year with me, i believe it's time to sail on. Will be resting at cobbledstonestreets for now. Auf wiedersehen!

hostel loving
Thursday, August 23, 2007 01:48 p.m.

I know i'm really late in uploading photos and updating about Europe. But here's my hostel room in Lund for an appetiser. :)

Main course coming up! Anyway the dryers here are pretty cool. I'll take a photo and upload later. :)

back to st nicks
Tuesday, August 6, 2007 01:41 p.m.

We went back st nicks to capture our favourite corners and travel back in time and the pinafore days feel so strangely long ago. Why, i couldnt even grasp the feeling anymore. It wasn't much of nostalgia but a strange struggle to recall everything, and little surprises sprung up as we turn at the corners.

For example, once-used-too-often staircases like these would have been forgotten and buried with the sands of time if we hadnít gone back to excavate the memories so well-hidden.

So we stood and sighed and wondered..

Ö why we didnít realize how beautiful our alma mater was.

I had so much fun lying on the hockey field on a camp night gazing at the stars.

And it was against this background one fine evening after training that I saw one of the best sunsets in my life.

And whatís st nicks without the all time favourite Orange Bowl, which was accredited as the most popular food stall in the school canteen. I would hesitate to introduce them to outside people though. Nothing fantastic to you all. Itís just the simplicity and the familiar taste that we all love and share in common. It led chel and I to create during lesson time one of the many jokes in our jokebook Ė why do st nicks girls need scissors?

To cut queue!

So much fun on the trampoline.

This is the supposedly famous SMU jump shot. I finally come to understand that SMU students are indeed..

very different from NUS students.

As I stood as a 21 years old undergrad, 8 years later from the meek and unassuming sec 1 student, it comes in full circle that whether is it the roof garden,

the pretty dance studio,

the beautiful sunken forum,

or the spacious gymnasium,

some things never change.

And I mean it. Chel loves to jump and prove that she can touch the Exit sign everytime we visit the toilet.

St nicks rocks my socks.

leaving on a jet plane
Saturday, August 11, 2007 12:06 a.m.

I typed a rather long entry for the trip back to st nicks but my house internet speed is too slow to upload the photos so i'll upload the entry another day. As you know, picture speaks a thousand words. One more day, and i'll be leaving on a plane to europe so far far away. Frankly, i keep questioning myself for going on exchange. I feel so bad to leave my family especially my mum here. But i know i'll get through the initial part of settling down and eventually have the experience of a lifeime. It's just this whole process that i have to go through to get there. Everybody just promise to take care of yourself! And thanks to all who made the effort to meet up with me before i fly, and all the wishes too. Those who wanna come send us off pls try not to come or i'll find it harder to leave! Haha. I think i'm sounding like a baby. It's only six months, yet it can be so long. Bahhh. Will upload pretty shots of Europe here i promise. First up will be exotic Prague and pretty Vienna. Yayyyy. :)


this is simply somewhere that chronicles the ups and downs, nitty gritties, rants, raves and ramblings of me, an individual as unique as an individual, yet as insignificant as a speck of dust in the universe. in an inexplicably strange way, this is kept to dissipate loneliness by realising i'm being heard, allow my otherwise forgotten swirls of thoughts to be put down in clear organized computer fonts, satisfy you and your voyeuristic desires and allow myself to travel back in time and recollect everything where it started from. enjoy :)


sometimes you want life to be a piece of isolated island, all tranquil and serene. Yet on the other hand, you wish youre out there in the vast sea of capriciousness, experiencing dizzy highs and emotional roller coasters you never quite expect

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